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M&A Market Update

The Middle Market Environment:

Mergers & Acquisition activity in the middle market has remained incredibly high relative to historical levels.  However, the market has retracted from peak levels over the last two years, with the total number of transactions decreasing 3.1% and 12.8% in ’15 & ’16, respectively.  The 1st quarter 2017 was down 8.2% relative to the prior year quarter as well.  That said, many expect the M&A activity to continue its relative strength due to attractive market conditions.





Corporate Tax Reform:

Tax reform legislation has been a hot topic that has been highly anticipated by the business community. While many stakeholders have voiced opinions on tax policy, the Trump Administration and Congress will ultimately determine the reforms.  At a high level, this is expected to include lower corporate tax rates.  The changes to deductions and loopholes that will subsidize the proposed rate cuts is less certain. [READ MORE]



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