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We’re proud of our well-earned reputation as a trusted source of valuable financial perspectives, precise technical excellence, and responsive client service.
When complex financial problems arise, we create clarity and focus. We advise our clients on the best ways to assess risk exposure, quantify alternative scenarios, project future and hypothetical results, and capitalize on strategic opportunities. Our experienced team delivers defensible financial analyses and economic advisory services in clear, understandable language. The Gleason team has an impressive track record of providing expert testimony in support of our claims and analyses.

For all phases of state and federal litigation, arbitration, and mediation

From discovery through trial, we assist counsel in identifying key issues, requesting documents, developing deposition questions, performing damages analysis, and providing expert testimony. We are also frequently called upon by both clients and their counsel to perform pre-trial analysis and consulting to help determine the value of a plaintiff’s claim or a defendant’s exposure to litigation. Time and again, our analyses have effectively withstood the scrutiny of opposing experts and seasoned litigation attorneys.

We review financial damages such as:

  • Commercial disputes and breach of contract claims
  • Business interruption and insurance claims
  • Class action disputes
  • Antitrust cases
  • Product liability tort matters
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Destruction of business or diminution of business value

For private and public companies, attorneys, and individuals

More than 28 years of performing business valuations have taught us an important lesson: There is no such thing as a “cookie-cutter” solution. We believe each business is unique and requires expertise and diligence to arrive at conclusions that can withstand scrutiny – whether from the IRS, courts, potential buyers or sellers, or other adversarial parties. We specialize in a collaborative, cost-effective approach with results that hold up under intense professional scrutiny.

Our valuation service offerings include:

  • Shareholder transactions (when one or more shareholders seek to exit a closely held business)
  • Litigation and shareholder disputes, including marital dissolution
  • Estate & Gift and income tax compliance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)
  • Preparation of IRS-required valuations of financial instruments
  • Financial reporting and assistance with preparation of fair value estimates

Specialized financial consulting services for attorneys, corporations, and others

Gleason’s team of CPA-credentialed professionals analyze complex scenarios related to forensic accounting, fraud investigations, and other related consulting matters – with ethical integrity and without independence conflicts. We bring deep industry insight, “Big Four” and C-suite experience, and technical sophistication to every forensic accounting and fraud investigation engagement.

While each engagement is tailored to a company’s unique circumstance, our service offerings include:

  • Embezzlement investigations
  • Fraudulent financial statement reporting investigations
  • Fraud risk assessments
  • Independent investigations on behalf of audit committees or boards of directors
  • Investigation of fraudulent conveyances
  • Health care fraud and abuse
  • Alter Ego analysis

For attorneys, corporations, insurance carriers, individuals, and others

Assessing the personal economic impact of damages is a delicate and exacting task. Count on Gleason to deftly analyze complex scenarios related to personal injury, wrongful death, and employment matters. Many satisfied clients cite our extensive experience in legal rulings, trends, and guidelines that affect the calculation of personal economic damages claims.

We provide an array of financial and economic consulting services in matters such as:

  • Personal injury and wrongful death
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Work-related accidents
  • Present value of life care plans and future medical costs
  • Employment matters
  • FLSA Wage & Hour claims
  • Class actions

While each personal economic damages case includes a uniquely different set of circumstances, our team considers the following claim components common in the industry:

  • Work-life expectations
  • Traditional earnings and nontraditional earnings (bonuses, stock options, commissions, incentives)
  • Earnings of the self-employed individual
  • Inflationary and productivity assumptions
  • Fringe benefits (cost and value)
  • Lost household services
  • Present value of life care plans and future medical costs

For attorneys, corporations, and others

Gleason’s solid experience with bankruptcy matters complements our other financial consulting competencies to establish our firm as a “one-stop shop” for attorneys, creditors, and debtors. We excel at providing a full range of services, including advisory services, business valuation, forensic accounting, litigation support, and expert witness testimony.

Our specialists have practical and proven experience with turnaround management, valuation theory, accounting, intellectual property, and economics. In contentious matters, Gleason is frequently called upon to provide defensible expert testimony or reports supported by empirical data. We consistently deliver reliable analysis that can withstand professional scrutiny.

Our financial consulting services within business reorganization include, but are not limited to:

  • Serving as the financial advisor to debtors and creditors both in and out of bankruptcy
  • Providing financial and operational assessments for creditors
  • Interim financial management
  • Court-appointed Examiner, Custodian, or Receiver
  • Solvency opinions

For clients and colleagues

As a Pennsylvania-accredited provider of the Continuing Legal Education Program, Gleason provides learning opportunities that can be customized to meet your firm’s needs. Our programs are flexible by design, so they can be offered in a single session or in a series; online or in your office. We develop CLE Program content in the areas of litigation support, valuation, intellectual property, mass torts, and financial/accounting services – all targeted to meet your specific needs.

Sample CLE Program offerings include:

  • Commercial Litigation Damage Theories and Calculations
  • Personal Economic Loss – Damage Assessment from Start to Finish
  • Valuing a Private Business – Case Studies, Value Builders, and Value Killers
  • Valuations in Bankruptcy – Key Issues, Theories, and Considerations
  • Fraud Update – Hot Topics in the World of Fraud Examination
  • Accounting and Financial Statements for Lawyers
  • Challenging the Expert – The World of Daubert Motions
  • Red Flags in Financial Statements
  • Tools of the Trade – Using Technology to Build Your Case (or Break Down the Opposing Party)
  • Secondary Considerations of Nonobviousness in Patent Cases
  • Hot Topics in the Intellectual Property Damages Arena
  • Commercial Success and Nexus
  • Damages Determination in Patent Infringement Cases
  • Intellectual Property Valuation – Considerations in IP Valuation vs. IP Damages Determination
  • Customizable CLE Programs

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